Our interpreters work in any language combination, on site, by telephone, in social or business settings, at conferences and in international trade. Melting Trad ensures that its interpreters’ specific skills match the area of intervention.


Social, administration, legal, sales, university, medicine, food, culture, marketing & communication, technical, tourism, etc.



We distinguish between consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting.

- Consecutive interpreting :
Often used during trade talks (meetings, company visits, contract signature, etc.), the interpreter translates what the speaker has said into another language once he or she has finished speaking.
This is well suited to small gatherings.

- Simultaneous interpreting :
Often used at meetings, conferences and seminars, the interpreter simultaneously translates what is being said into another language (from inside a soundproof booth using a microphone connected to headsets worn by the audience).
This technique requires intense concentration. As a result, the interpreters work in pairs, switching off every 20 to 30 minutes.


If you need an interpreter right away,
our agency has the solution with telephone Interpreting.
To bring people together, we can put you in touch with an interpreter in the languages you need by telephone (within a quarter of an hour).
Melting Trad puts its network of interpreters at your disposal when you need to communicate orally with foreign clients (meetings, factory visits, etc.), or organise events for foreign delegations (conferences, seminars).

Our interpreters also work in a social-assistance framework to assist asylum seekers with their administrative formalities, medical and legal appointments.
They respect the moral, ethical and deontological commitments expressed in our Interpreting charter.
N.B. : Transportation, meal and accommodations expenses will be invoiced for Interpreting missions held outside the city of Clermont-Ferrand.
Call us on +33 0(4) 73 35 54 95, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly we can get an interpreter on the job!